The Incredible Bulk

The Incredible Bulk Program By Ben Pakulski

How To Trigger Extreme Muscle Gain Without the Fat!

If you’re looking to gain ANY amount of muscle, whether it be 10, 20, or even 30 lbs of muscle, this is the info that has been missing…

If you’re serious about building your body…

…you better except that it is a game of extremes!

Moderation is NOT going to get you anything better than a mediocre body… (if you’re lucky).

Excellence requires strategic massive action. Whether it’s your diet or your training, you need to be ready to get outside your comfort zone.

Simply put, your body DOES NOT want to build muscle. Muscle is inefficient and calorically very expensive.

Which is why i think the idea of traditional “bulking” is about as current as Mullets and Moustaches…

Dont get me wrong, phases of concentrated muscle growth ARE essential. However, I’ve discovered that there is a much better way to do it…

Its based on the very well known scientific fact that Growth is NEVER linear. Meaning that growth is cyclical, and literally can never be continuous.

Knowing this fact, leads us to intelligently seek a solution to effective and fast-muscle building.

The answer: A phenomenon called “Cyclical Bulking”…

My entire Incredible Bulk Program teaches you Intelligent Bulking Strategies for Muscle Growth.

The Incredible Bulk Program by Ben Pakulski

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Cyclical bulking has been around for decades in advanced training groups and intelligent athletic circles around the world.

Athletes and successful bodybuilders have been using these techniques to pack on muscle as fast as humanly possible, while avoiding the pitfalls of traditional “bulking” and keeping the fat gain to a minimum.

You see, your body is massively impacted hormonally by what you eat and how you train. Eating high calories and training like an animal sends signals of anabolism (growth!) to every cell in your body, however this doesn’t last forever,  there is a catch…

At some point your body stops receiving those growth signals. Just like a nagging girlfriend or pestering mother, eventually we just tune these things out.

This is a HUGE problem for guys looking to pack on muscle and not get fat!

With traditional bulking, your body stops “hearing the signals” that the big four hormones are sending.  Your body has become desensitized to the hormones and you no longer effectively trigger anabolism of muscle tissue.

In fact, you actually start doing the exact opposite and start triggering muscle breakdown and fat accumulation. Bad news!

Cyclical Bulking sets you up to maximize the anabolism of growth phases, while teaching you when to hit the “Reset button” and allow your body to go through a brief, yet absolutely necessary, resensitization period to your big four hormones.

The BIG FOUR by the way, are testosterone, growth hormone, insulin and IGF-1.

Now, how do you pull this off? How do you get the rapid muscle growth of bulking without destroying your hormone profile?

Simple. You use short periods of EXTREMES. Bursts of massive calorie surplus. Then dial back to periods of extremely low calories to reset and resensitize.

(…imagine how a bodybuilder might do it while dieting hard for a contest or guest appearance, then jumping back into a massive caloric excess…)

I’ve created an ENTIRE program dedicated to guys who want to Bulk Intelligently:

The Incredible Bulk Program by Ben Pakulski

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