MI40 200lb Workout

Ben Pakulski MI40 NOS Xtreme 200ilb On Arm Bent Over Dumb Bell Row

ben pakulski mi40x workoutHi guys, so here’s an opportunity for you to see me doing NOS full out, NOS in full effect.

So what I’m doing here is called an on arm bent over dumb bell row. Video is below.

Start off with a weight that’s really heavy for me, I always keep my form ideal and optimal, knowing that I initiate the working muscles.

What that means is I’m trying to. The first part of that movement, the first time that weight moves its going to be coming from the working muscle, it’s going to coming from my working muscle.

So as long as I shaping it I’m going to be working the right muscle, I’m going to do as  many reps as I can, this case I’m going to be shooting for eight, then were going to do a drop by about 20%.

Then I’m going to continue doing the exact same movement , the same execution, no cheating, no rocking, no swinging, no moving, then were going to do it again, drop by another 20%.

So now every time we time we drop that muscles exhausted with that weight but now subsequent to that we can continue to take that muscle close to actual physical exhaustion simply by dropping a weight continuing it and going.

Yes it’s a hard MI40 Xtreme Workout, yes its intense but as long as our nutrition is in the right place were getting optimal amount of amino acids, optimal carbohydrate at the right times you’re able to recover.

Now this is something I don’t necessarily do all year round, it’s not necessarily something with do with every exercise, this is something you do to optimise growth, optimise intensity when you know your body is capable of recovering from it.

So definitely check this out, I hope you guys learned something from this,  it’s really awesome love the way it essentially guarantees my growth so check it out!

Hope you enjoy and hope you go try NOS Click here for MI40.