Mass Intentions Explained

Ben Pakulski MI40 (Mass Intentions) Xtreme Muscle Bodybuilding Training Tip!

ben pakulski mi40x workoutAright guys, here’s super training tip for you, muscle maximize and my huge huge way to overcome inability to contract and feel the muscle.

All people speak about you got to squeeze the muscle, what the heck does that really mean. Are we able to do that in every single muscle in our body?

For the most part, no, unless you’re an advanced bodybuilder and have been training for a long time that thing called the mind muscle connection that we always hear about is a vague thing to a lot of people.

They don’t really understand what we’re talking about.

So what I’ve done, I’ve taken this principle of the MI40X intentions and I’ve created a way to apply it to every part of the body.

So essentially I’ve got my trusty light bar here to demonstrate this MI40 Xtreme method to you guys.

So let’s imagine this is a bar and I’m going to do a bench press, so I’m laying on my back and doing a bench press so this is what it looks like and what am I thinking about when I’m doing that bench press under normal circumstances, I’m thinking about moving the bar from my chest, out, right, that’s in normal circumstances.

Now under intentions what am I thinking about?

I’m trying to optimize time and intentions so I try to ensure that my chest is constantly contracted, it’s constantly tense, and the only way to build muscle is by creating a maximum amount of tension and torque in a muscle.

So how do we increase the amount of tension and torque in a muscle and ensure, this is the key point, ensure that is going through the right muscle.

A lot of guys who do bench press have got these huge triceps and triceps are really working on two front nodes but there chest really sucks, so how do I ensure that I can go to the gym and actually work my chest when I’m trying to work my chest?

Really really simple guys, here’s an example, bar that bar just like a bench press and I want you to shove in this direction.

ben pakulski mi40 workout

I want you to try and intentionally bring your hand together.

As you see it if you look closely enough, you can see my chest contract just by shoving my hands together, ok, so what happens?

That allows me to control the amount of tension going through the muscle at all times.

So on the negative part of that rep, when you’re coming down, really try to shove down because I’m stronger at that point. On the way up as the weight is heavier, it’s really difficult to shove, still try to get those hands together.

Another way you can apply this MI40 workout that is, really simple, so we’ve got the wrap around bar here, so what do we do?  Shove it out.

Now what’s that going to do is actually contract all the muscles  all the way on the outside of the body. So that how you can control it, shoving in actually contracts all the muscles on the inside.
So how do you apply it to legs, if it legs, take my feet and shove them out.

You can use this using every single Ben Pakulski MI40 exercise that requires using a bar or stabilized implements, it would be a little hard to so it using dumb bells but definitely something you can apply to everything with those big body parts.

So hopefully you guys learned a little something, give MI40 a try when you get a chance and hope you love it and honestly for me it’s something I would never go without. Have a good workout!

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