Ben Pakulski NOS System

What is NOS?..What does it stand for? Ben Pakulski explains…

ben pakulski mi40x workoutI’ve been asked by a couple of my fitness enthusiast and  fitness counterparts what is my number 1 intensifier, what is my number 1 weight builder?

So I’m here to tell you guys about my growth!

That’s the way I like to call which is called MI40 Xtreme NOS.

A NOS is essentially a Neurological Overload Set.

NOS came from my desire to take my muscles to the physical limit to ensure growth.

So essentially, you know,  every time I leave the gym I want to know that I’ve worked my muscles are hard as they need to be able to grow.

It’s pretty simple, we all have the same growth desire, we all want to build muscle, we all want to have control over how fast we build muscle, right, we all want to build it fast, we all want to build it slow.

Essentially it is all want to have control over, you know, if I want to build muscle fast right now, if I think my recovery is amazing, my sleep is great, my nutrition is right on, everything I can do to make sure that my muscles are growing but I don’t want to go to the gym and work out and do ok that was a good work out but I could of done more, I don’t want to have a but, I want to be a BAM did it.

So I’m here to introduce NOS…

So NOS to me is essentially the way that I ensure growth you know so essentially what is it? come down to start with a heavy weight, we all know we can take a heavy weight and get to failure, could we have done one more?

Yeah probably, you know could we have done four more? No probably not, but you know is there any way we can get more of that muscle, we can demand more of that muscle.

Is that muscle completely exhausted? No. drop the weight technically we could probably keep going right.

So what I’ve created is this way to ensure you’re getting complete muscular exhaustion which is the only way to ensure complete optimal hormonal environment inside the muscle for it.

So that’s the premise behind that.

The MI40 NOS effect has done amazing things for myself, clients, I train some pro natural body builders, some pro fitness models, some pro IFBB pro bodybuilders out there giving my stuff better, that are absolutely blown away, love the MI40 NOS effects.

Hopefully you guys get the chance to try the MI40 NOS effect out, let me know what you think Click here.