About Ben Pakulski

There are Bodybuilders the world over recognized in their field achieved success with true desire and ambition along with hard work….ben pakulski flex magazine

…Obstacles did not stop any of them them from reaching their goal!..

One of these individuals is no other than Ben Pakulski.

As the two-time contender in the IFBB North American Championship in the super heavyweight

class, he exemplifies patience, resilience and perseverance.

Ben Pakulski is a bodybuilder from Canada who became a runner-up in the North American Championship two times in 2007 and in 2008.

ben pakulski championships

He even won the CBBF Canadian Championship. Not long after he reached pro status, he has set his eyes on the gold.

During his early years, Ben Pakulski revered his father and uncle. He dreamed of following their footsteps.

His father and uncle were top class athletes and sports enthusiasts during their younger years.

The tales of their feats of power and strength served as inspiration to young Pakulski.

Ben grew up as a great athlete who excelled in baseball, hockey and football. Ben’s father saw the potential of his son, particularly his physique.

He decided to sign him up for one year at one of the best training gym available.

During that time, under the guidance of Scott Abel, a nutritionist and Tommy Hall, a bodybuilder, Ben Pakulski developed into a great athlete.

Ben pursued an undergraduate course in kinesiology and he did not engage in any events until he graduated.

After college, there was nothing to stop Ben Pakulski from pursuing his dream.

He was able to win during his first competition that greatly impressed the judges due to his stunning physique that he developed in just four years.

Ben Pakulski even reached the top spot or runner-up spot on the next five events that he participated in. At that time, he was called “Pak-Man”.

It was just the start of his journey.

By 2008, Ben Pakulski was registered as a pro.

He joined in competitions as an unfamiliar bodybuilder, but he impressed everybody due to his hard work.

Ben Pakulski Tampa bay third place

He gained third place in the 2009 Tampa Pro Show.

At that time, he was not yet recognized in the bodybuilding circle, but those who witnessed his performance on the events he participated in are well aware that he can achieve more.

Just like any athlete, as a bodybuilder, Ben Pakulski was required to stick to a proper exercise and diet regimen.

He starts with the pre-season conditioning in advance which involves a number of dietary regulations aside from the strenuous gym sessions.

Ben Pakulski works out regularly with high volume heavy weights in order to improve the condition of his upper body.

It was stated by experts that if he was able to preserve his almost perfect lower body tone and buff up on his torso, he can be considered as a threat to the veteran pros in the field.

Back in 2010, Ben Pakulski participated in the Flex Pro where he was sponsored by Complete Genetic Defiance.

The Pak-Man strongly believes that hard work will surely pay out, no matter what!